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The heat transferable transfers are the top processing of the company that satisfies

from small to large quantities

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How we work

We work with customer satisfaction and product quality in mind.

Quantity is not important but quality.


A manual process that underlines the maniacal care we dedicate to each process.

The leather improvement process is carried out with the application of polish, laminated, thermo transferable, paillettes and lackey. These processes can be opaque or shiny. The polish can be combined through thermo transferable paillette transfert from the most different fantasies that helps to give an unique look to the leather.


The processing through the combined use of paillettes and polish is an unique treatment that we have improved from years of experience. Many companies apply paillettes on leather but only Famac follow every single need of customers enabling an endless possibility of unique combinations and personalizations.

We follow customers through our process of personalization of their own leather.

We work on small and big quantity guaranteeing full support.

Customer satisfaction is the first rule that move on our company.


Endless possilities through polish, laminated, paillettes, acid papers, thermo transferable and lackey application.

In our warehouse we have an extremely vastness quality and different kind of paillettes, lackeys, thermo transferable and laminated in order to satisfy any needs of application on leather or texiles.


There's NO LIMIT or bond, the processes offered by Famac allow to realize whatever is requested, however is requested on leather or texiles. At our company you'll found full professionalism and seriousness.


Differently from other companies which accepted up to specified quantities, Famac manage every kind of orders in order to achieve the best result.


Famac's machines works in an exclusive way making his products uniques.

From the experience made through the years that the company is able to make a top quality product. Furthermore, the simplicity of replacement and placing of paper allows a fast work process avoiding any problem which it means fast and top quality deliveries.


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