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Who we are

Born as an experiment, today we are a company able to ensures an unique and reliable support to our customers.


Ancora 1

A company that created its own machine to carry out a project and from there a business was born.

Famac has born in Tuscany in 1987 for giving mechanical support and maintenance to tannery machines.


In 1995 the company moved in Arzignano (Vicenza) and after two years of development the first machine specially studied for transfer paper application has been made. Since this, Famac deals with film transfert application.


With the evolution of thermo transferable, sequins and foils technlology the company becomes specialized on film application and from this process to cutting, polish and acid paper process.


After years of experience and collaborations in tannery and chemical business, Famac has been able to best match market requirement before any other competitors.


Furthermore Famac applies PERMAIN © from PIL Membranes (UK) exclusively for Italy.

"When one grows up in the midst of this environment, a simple piece of iron can be made into a machine.

The machine is born in the workplace, it is not designed. "  

-Angelo Cozza-

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